Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Current Obsession: Rain Boots | Style

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It is no secret that when it comes to dressing in any type of weather that isn't between 25 and 30° C, I turn into a major diva. I hate sweating, being cold or (especially) being wet.

It rains a lot in Germany especially in the fall and spring. The degree I am currently working on also requires a plethora of working outside, with animals, in the dirt (the professors have no sympathy when you are standing on an open field when it is 0° C with horizontal wind. If they stay, you stay). What this has taught me is that there is nothing like good outerwear.

If there is one clothing item which can be fun and completely out of your comfort zone it is rubber boots! There is nothing like a pair of cute animal themed or brightly colored boots when the weather is dreary. However, make sure they are good quality. There is no point protecting your feet from the rain, but ending up with wet sweaty feet anyway.

Of course, if you are going to work or somewhere and are going to be outside, (I used to keep my office shoes at the office and arrive in my wellies- it rains all the time in Brussels), you can get some more work-appropriate looking shoes. The Calvin Klein biker inspired boots (5) you can even wear when its not raining. I love these!

The Ilsa Jacobsen long rubber boots in camel (4) are my favorites (along with the bunny printed ones, obvi), I have never seen wellies like these and I love them! They are fun and no one would ever guess that you are wearing rain boots- definitely more versatile than the owl print ones I picked.

I skipped the lower rain cut boots because most hit people's calves at their thickest point, creating the illusion of heavier legs. Also, for anyone who has been in a city when its raining, people tend to splash you when they walk or ride their bikes by you unintentionally. In higher rain boots there is less of a chance that your legs or feet get wet that way.

What are your favorite style of rain boots?


  1. I really should get a pair of wellies/rain boots because its always wet in England but I tend to just wear normal boot types. I like number 4 a lot in your list though!

  2. I love wellies i do a geography so its always a must to have a pair, mine are blue with flowers on :P

  3. I love no.8, with the dogs, they are so cute. It's raining where I live in Germany right now and I don't want to go outside, maybe if I had a good pair of wellies I could be tempted to go splashing! ;-) Ailish Goes