Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

L'oréal EverPure Shampoo & Conditioner | Review

As you may have noticed, I am recently obsessed with haircare. After cutting my hair to a short choppy bob 3 years ago, it has been a process growing out my hair and it has suffered much heat, sun and bleach along the way. Hence, I decided to chop almost 15 cm off and start on a different foot.

Since the plan was to cut anything slightly damaged off, and let it grow again, I am being extra careful with it and giving it lots of TLC. After my 'Curl Conscious' fail (which you can read about here), we can all exhale in relief- I, indeed, have found a new shampoo and conditioner combination which works and smells, well, delish. 

Part of my plan to keep my hair hydrated, especially in winter, was to invest in a really great hair care series. Since my super-duper high-end mission bombed- I opted for the L'Oréal EverPure line. All I can say is: love, love, love! 

My hair is soft and hydrated, but not weighed down and smells herbal (not in the 'I wash my hair with mud' kind of way, but in the 'I was at the spa, nbd' way). The conditioner smells more herbal, while the shampoo smells a little bit like a cleaner of some sort, but the scent does not cling to my hair at all, while the conditioner's scent lingers.

I like the combination of the volumizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner. If I use too many hydrating products my hair ends up stringy and gross since I have a ton of fine hair. Due to my hair type it is very prone to breakage. I have not noticed any new damage since using this combination along with my usual haircare. My hair is so smooth, I do not even need to use any tools. 

Another wonderful attribute to this line is that its products are tailored to a variety of hair types. There is no longer the 'one shampoo fits all color treated hair' philosophy. Every person's hair has different needs and there something for every hair type.

Last night I was telling my hairdresser friend about this post and she told me that anything other than L'oréal is a complete waste of money when you are buying at the drugstore, just a tip!

I will definitely be purchasing more hair care products from this line. The price is completely reasonable at 7€ a bottle and the results are amazing! Huge recommend!

Have you tried the EverRiche or EverPure lines?


  1. I need a new shampoo and conditioner and keep reading loads of peoples reviews on them, definitely going to go with L'Oreal because so many people say it's wonderful (and hearing what your hairdresser friend said) now I just need to actually go out and see what description matches my hair best!:)xo


    1. Let me know how it goes! I really, really like this shampoo.
      I am the same, whenever a hairdresser tells me something is good I immediately go out and buy it!

  2. I like your blog! Please check out my new fashion/beauty blog when you get the chance!


    Thanks xx

    1. Just a friendly tip: If you write thoughtful comments about the actual content, more people will come look at your blog! Good luck!