Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Empties December 2013 | Beauty

Hey ladies!

My, this month has really flown by... and I have a whole list of products, which I managed to empty *cue applause*. But really, there is nothing quite as satisfying as using up a few products in your already stuffed beauty closet, thus justifying a whole new round of products!

La Roche Posay Effaclar: I did a whole review here. This was perfect for when my skin was a bit oilier in summer. Now that winter has arrived I much prefer my Bioderma (mentioned in my winter skincare routine here).

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Bodywash: This smelled great at first, but I got so sick of the smell fairly quickly! Not my favorite in the end. However, a little went a long way, so the price really was worth it in that aspect. 

Estée Lauder Daywear BB Cream: Why have I not managed to do a full review on this? This is the best BB cream on the market in my opinion and I suggest you all try it. Don't let the price scare you away because a little goes a long way. I used this little tube everyday for 6 months. It is also great for oilier skin during summer and has an amazing SPF of 30!

MAC prep+prime Eyeshadow Primer in Medium: This is a hooooly grail! It was my first primer and I have stuck with it for over 6 years now. It creates a perfect base without veins or redness and its creaminess soothes the sensitive skin on my eyelid. I will repurchase this when I have gone through 2 primers which were gifted to me!

Alverde Handcream: This is only available in Germany, but there is no reason to be sad because it was horrible. I just used it to get rid of it. There was a weird sticky/greasy film on my hands and it did not moisturize at all. Will not repurchase. Ever.

Wella Pro Series Winter Therapy: This is known as Vidal Sassoon in the US. I used Vidal Sassoon for what must be years and loved it. However, I have found much better at a similar price so: adieu! See you never!

Artemis Day Fluid: I loved this stuff! My boyfriend got this for me last Christmas and it was the ideal day/night cream during summer. For winter it is much too light, but I may repurchase it in spring, but I am on the lookout for a cheaper alternative!

L'Oréal Perfect Clean Daily Scrub: Sorry about the limescale on this one! This is my absolute favorite scrub of all times and I have been using it for 3 years at least (obviously not this exact tube...). I used to use this everyday, but it can be a little too harsh after a while. Otherwise this is great. The peeling beads have the right size and texture and it is not as harsh as other facial scrubs I've tried. Not to mention those gross ones which feel like sand on your skin. eek! I have already repurchased this. I love it!

Hope you are all well!

xoxo, Kate

Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

Winter Skincare Routine & Where have I been?! | Kate Berlin

Hi loves! Sorry I haven't been posting more recently, I have been overwhelmed with university and a few sad things happened otherwise... A lot going on!

Today I want to share with you my winter skincare routine!

Bioderma Sébium Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel: This is great and my skin has absolutely loved it. It is gentle, but gets the job done. Absolute love! (Although I do still have a soft spot for my Effaclar foaming cleanser!)

Clarisonic Mia2: I don't use this every night because my skin is far too sensitive for it. I use it about 3 times a week and my skin looks radiant! Absolutely worth the hype.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Correcting and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care: Now that is quite a mouth-full! This is great during break outs, which I have been having a lot lately. It is great under a moisturizer (just make sure it has time to absorb into skin) during winter, when even oily skin needs some tlc! I haven't ever seen anything like this and wish I would have known about it earlier!

Clinique Moisture Surge: What I love about Clinique is that many of their creams come in a variety of sizes. This is the medium size, which I am currently using. It is much more heavy-duty than what I would use in summer, but that is exactly what I wanted. I have slight dermatitis on my face sometimes as well and this takes care of it beautifully. It is great on my neck and chest as well because it is absorbed immediately with no sticky film. On top of all this, it's oil free! A great winter cream for my skin.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm: I adore this stuff and it increases the longevity of my lipstick! Full review here.

Clarins Lotus Oil: What can I say? I'm in love! I only use it on nights before I wash my hair though, since my hair does usually end up looking pretty greasy. Other than that I highly recommend this to anyone! A beautiful product. Full review here.

Thanks for reading!



Hi Beauties! It's been a while. I thought I would share a song with you today, which has almost moved me to tears several times. I will follow in a few minutes with a new beauty post!



Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Empties #2 November 2013 | Beauty

Hi everyone! Instead of doing monthly favorites I somehow end up doing monthly empties posts! Either way, it’s what I’ve been using- the good the bad and in between. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream: My derm gave this to me since I am prone to exema as soon as my body is a little bit unhappy with me. This is great for sensitive skin, has a neutral smell and is especially good for dry/cracked heels. Huge recommend as it also doesn’t leave a big old greasy mess either. I may repurchase this after I get through my extensive TBS body butter collection!

Lavera Lavender Body Lotion: I am allergic to a lot of ingredients often found in lotion. This is the best I have found so far. No gross ingredients and it smells great. I always have one of these on hand  and can recommend all of them 100%. The frangrance doesn’t linger all day, but it works for me since I rely on my perfume anyway. Repurchase!

MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer: I really loved this! I know it isn't empty, but I have had this for years and it has finally dried out. This is perfect for any blemishes or redness- it stays all day and is 100% full coverage. I have hidden my smaller tattoos with this before. I don't recommend it for the under eye area because its finish is much too dry and ends up looking cake-y. I will definitely repurchase this ASAP for all my other skin issues though! 

Macadamia Deep Repair Hair Mask: There is really no point going into detail about this since I am sure all of you have seen/read a lot of reviews on it. It is worth the hype and if your hair is unhappy with you this will fix it, enough said! J I will repurchase this, but haven’t given up my search for a drugstore alternative! Any tips?

Venus Facial Tonic: This smells really fresh and delicious. It also lasted me a really long time eventhough it wasn't very expensive- almost 6 months! This contains no alcohol and worked beautifully on my sensitive skin. I won’t repurchase this since I have found a Balea toner which is just as great for only 75 cents.

Bebe Intensive Shower Cream: This was ok. Not my favorite as it didn’t actually smell like milk and honey. Otherwise Bebe products are great drugstore options for sensitive skin. I have been using this line since I was 11! I will repurchase other products from Bebe, but not this one!

MAC Fix+: I am so torn about this. I don’t know if it actually does anything amazing for my skin. I use it to refresh my make up and to apply eyeshadow, but applying my eyeshadow with water has worked well and I am not sure it does refresh my make up amazingly either. I have had my eye on the NYX matte finishing spray recently- I think I will have a go at that first before repurchasing.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara: Huge warning! Without MAC Cleanse Off Oil this is not budging! It really does create a false lash effect, there is nothing „natural“ about this. Definitely for those of us who love dramatic eyelashes. It layers well and stays perfectly in place (even all through spin class!). This has been my 6th or 7th tube at least and I still love it and would/will always repurchase!

Nivea Anti Age Q10 handcream: This smells delicious and fresh. For a drugstore handcream this feels extremely luxurious! It sinks in faster than any high end hand cream and really replenishes my skin, even in winter. I would recommend this to anyone and have repurchased a few smaller tubes and a full-size too.  Also a great stocking stuffer! 

Are there any drugstore hair masks you recommend?



Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

Artdeco Oil-Free Foundation | Review

Hi ladies! Back to beauty reviews it is! I thought I would start off the week with my most exciting new purchase (there have been a few recently... sorry I'm not sorry?). I was having a bit of a rough week and an hour to kill before a doctor's appointment, so I went into the German version of Sephora... 'Douglas' (I get all tingly just hearing the name!) and came out with a few goodies.

Since what feels like forever, I have been trying to find a great foundation. I was using the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h for a few years, but the glass bottle and high price made me want to look for something different (I'm really clumsy, glass is never a good plan). The last time I ordered it, the bottle head was cracked off and that was when I decided to go for something more reasonable... with a plastic bottle.

I will post reviews on different foundations I have tried in the past 2 years from Chanel and Benefit to Bourgois and Maybelline... none of them were 'perfect'. Until now...

Ladies, if you are on a budget (even if you're not), Artdeco has turned out to be fantastic. It isn't cheap (it also isn't the 'sexiest' brand), but it is really solid beautiful middle-priced make up. I picked up the Oil-free foundation a few days ago and WOW. Think of this as the Volvo of make-up.

Consistency: Like a cream, but not at all greasy. It is a little thick, but blends out beautifully and doesn't stay thick on the skin. It is oil-free, perfect for oily or combo skin! It also has SPF 20- always a plus!

Coverage: Medium to full. This covered up old acne scars and some redness I had. I do go in with a concealer under my eyes and for any current break outs.
My hands actually look worse than my face does right now (thanks, winter). This is why I am showing you the level of coverage on my hands!

Longevity: Lasted all day and since it is hat weather here in Berlin, I am happy to report no make up transferred onto my hat! Never before has this not been a problem. There were also no problems with oxidation!

Finish: This is a 'mattifying make up for all skin types'. It is mattifying, but not mask-like or cakey. I still have a healthy glow to my skin, but without the excess oil on my nose, forehead and chin. I did not have to powder once during the day when I used my MAC prep+prime Skin Refined Zone. No-fuss make up is the best and, in my opinion, only way to go.

Shades: Now there aren't as many shades as there with, for example, MAC. However, they do go fairly light (no pun intended? what?) and dark. This is great news for people like me.. half human half vampire.

Smell: We all know I can't have anything on my face/near my nose/in my life generally which doesn't smell good. Especially foundation. If is smells bad, I won't use it. There is nothing worse than getting up early and then dealing with chemical smells on your face. This smells like really luxurious, fresh face cream. Yum!

Dispenser: You squeeze the product out of the top. The opening is small, so you end up with a very controlled amount of product and is very hygienic.

Price: 20€. The bottle is quite small, but you do not need a lot of product. It is perfect for traveling or throwing in your bag if you're having a sleep over.

All in all, this is a beautiful product, which is reasonably priced and feels absolutely luxurious. I won't be going back to high-end foundations anytime soon!

What is your favorite foundation? Do you care if it's high end or drugstore? I love all your opinions, as I said: I'm nosy! :)

Until next time!